Back to basic ! concerning “Transfer of players” in football

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Back to basic ! concerning the method “Transfer of players” in football

It is normal that after a football match in Europe’s major leagues is over. In the middle of the year, it began to enter the season of transferring players. Which, as you know, for the famous leagues, there will be two periods that are open for trading. winter during the season and in the summer after the off-season

Today we want to talk about the most basic things about transferring football players how it happened. What are the processes? Let’s go and see โปรโมชั่น ufabet

What is player trading?

It may sound like a silly question. But for anyone. Who is just beginning to take an interest in this industry football player trading It is considered one of the businesses that make football last. In other words, it is a transfer of a footballer which is a mutual agreement between the buyer club and the seller club.

If the player is still under contract with any team If another club wants him, compensation is often required. Also known as “cost” will more or less according to both teams agree. Which largely depends on the performance Remaining contract length, market value or business value. That the player carries

football player trading How to do it?

Just like any other business transaction, in other words, the transaction takes place. When the two clubs agree on terms of sale. And the buyer reaches a contract agreement with the player

In which most of the trading details start from when the buyer is interested in any player. Always inquire to the club’s affiliation to discuss and negotiate. If interested in selling and able to agree on terms and conditions The right to decide to transfer teams will vest with the player. Which will consider offers from the buying club together with consultants or in the industry known as “agents” who negotiate advice and protect the interests of the players

Of course, there are many factors that affect the transfer of players such as An agreement between the two clubs on the value The percentage of profits from the transfer of players in the next round. Conditions both monetary and non-monetary. All of which are not fixed, depending on the two parties to agree.

After passing through the first stage in negotiations with the agency Buyers need to negotiate with the players. In football, there will be an employment contract. Which will set various conditions including income, bonus, period of employment Including various factors depending on the needs of the players such as Specify the method of tearing up the contract. or providing accommodation for families, etc.