What does “Agent” do? “Transfer of players” in football

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What does “Agent” do? “Transfer of players” in football

What does “Agent” do?

Back to the correct way of trading as mentioned above. Almost 99% of football players have an agent or consultant acting as an ‘agent’ to negotiate and look after their interests, including legal supervision. and off-field documents as well

Which a good agent, besides being good at negotiations, must also have legal knowledge. Various regulations of each association to keep the interests of the players under supervision. In which they will receive a variety of wages, including a percentage deduction from the wages of the players Including the sum agreed with the club during the transaction.

Examples of well-known agents in the industry include Mino Raiola and Jorge Mendes. Who have been nicknamed. “The best agent”. Which is derived from the slyness in negotiations, including the tricks in using the rules and regulations to create maximum benefit for the players he supervises. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Free-to-play players

The meaning is quite straightforward. It is a free transfer. That the buyer must pay to the club. In most cases, there are two cases:

– The player does not have an agency or is about to expire. In the event that a player’s contract is about to expire, there is a “Bossman rule” stating that the player can immediately negotiate for a new agency in advance if the remaining contract period with the original agency is less than 6 months, but the transfer will occur. After the contract expires

– The club’s affiliation agrees to release for free. Which will happen in some cases, for example. There are players who are inactive but still have contracts left. If the team is interested and sees it as a good thing for both the club and the player. Sometimes they are allowed to leave the team for free in order to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Player transfer request

It is normal for players to trade as well. With the player being able to claim against to request liste as a player ready to sell It is a right that a footballer can appeal to the club. After the club has repeatedly rejected offers from other teams as another way for the transfer to take place.

Most of the time this happens. When a player becomes dissatisfied with the current situation. Whether wanting to move to a bigger club Desire to play more internal feud Or situations in which the team is not conducive to further football, etc.