Swing your arms to reduce disease boost immunity For the old

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Swing your arms to reduce disease boost immunity For the old.

Factors that make many elderly people not want to exercise are lack of space, equipment, or exercise clothes. Unpleasant weather, etc., but the following exercises Don’t worry about any factors anymore because what we are about to recommend. It’s the easiest way to exercise. For the elderly, that is. “hanging swing”c

Simple exercise by swinging your arms is very good for your health. As a result, the blood and air within can flow easily. Helps lymph nodes circulate throughout the body better. Definitely reduces fat accumulation, flattening the belly, and also helps reduce neck, shoulder, and pain as well. Although swinging the arms of the elderly may feel like it is using the strength of the arm muscles. But swinging your arms helps your body exercise by using up to 12 large muscles in the lower body that arise from standing to maintain balance. It’s no different from exercising by walking. Because they have the same arm swings. It just doesn’t move forward. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

Doing the arm swing exercise. Can correct blood circulation and change the condition of the body.

And when we make the blood flow, we can walk easily without being stuck. All serious diseases will disappear by themselves. If we observe carefully, we will find that When people are tired and fatigued. Due to intense work, no opportunity to change posture Until we can’t stand it any longer, we immediately raise our arms, stretch our legs, and stretch ourselves to the max. As people call stretching, after that we will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated than you can tell. Which these symptoms actually are Stretching the tendon along The meaning in the ancient scriptures. The tendons that control body movement have the opportunity to be stretched or massaged. It will make the blood flow inside. Can distribute and circulate easily which causes relaxation, tiredness and fatigue disappear Become more energetic, brighter, and most importantly, the blood will flow easily throughout the body. Make various organs stronger

How to swing your arms correctly

1. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Let both hands fall naturally, do not tense, keep your fingers close together. Turn your palms behind you.

3. Contract the lower abdomen inward, waist straight, stretch the back, relax the bones of the neck, head and mouth, relax naturally.

4. Dig the tips of your toes to grip the floor. The heel presses firmly onto the floor. Use force until your muscles, feet, thighs, and stomach are tight.

5. Buttocks should be slightly bent. During exercise, you must retract your buttocks or squeeze your anus. It’s like giving a lift. contracted into the intestine

6. Look straight at a certain point. Shake off all distracting thoughts and worries. Meditate until you feel at your feet.

7. Swing your arms lightly forward, making an angle of 30 degrees with your body. Then swing your arms back a little forcefully, making an angle of 60 degrees with your body. This will create centrifugal force. Count this as 1 time by releasing the weight of your hands like a pendulum. Swing your arms back and forth. Start by doing 500 to 1,000-2,000 times a day, which will take about 30 minutes.

Benefits of arm swing

– Swinging your arms for 1 hour is equivalent to walking briskly and can burn up to 230 calories.

– fat accumulation

– Reduce stress

– Reduce neck, shoulder, and shoulder pain from work.