Have a good year! Jurgen Klopp sends Christmas messages

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Have a good year! Jurgen Klopp sends Christmas messages.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sends a Christmas message to fans And assess the overall performance throughout 2022 that they are quite successful. 

Ready to aim to learn from mistakes to have a better year.

Last year, “Reds” won the Carabao Cup and FA Cup while losing the final. Champions League and finished second in the Premier League for the 2021/22 season. In

the second half of the year, Klopp’s team had a disappointing performance in the Premier League, rank 6th in the table, 15 points behind the crowd

Christmas day German coach Interview with the club’s official media. Send a message to the fans. ready to evaluate the performance of the past year

“A message for Christmas morning… There are many songs that I have in mind. But I don’t want to bother you with your voice like last year, you guys know better than me. What you want to sing today.”

“I have a favorite movie to watch this time of year, Love Actually being one of them. And I’m pretty sure we’ll see this movie again.”

I would have to say that 2022 was quite a successful year, We start with the Carabao Cup final and the FA Cup final was very special which made me extremely happy

“We’re living in a crazy world. So it’s quite nice to watch a movie where the content is not as serious as real life.

We did quite well in the Premier League, we got close again. Which, I know, isn’t that much of a compliment. But as a coach I’m pretty proud of this performance. “

The Champions League final was a day when Courtois performed well, We ourselves have done quite well. But I feel like it’s not our night for many reasons. Which after the game we still don’t know exactly why because we are sad.

“But when we hear stories happening around the field It was clear to us that it was a special night. But for the wrong reasons So it wasn’t a final. Champions League that we will remember for the rest

of our lives. is the day after the final game. (Marching to celebrate 2 cup championships) ′ ′ ′

We gave everything. And we got a lot of rewards. But not all which if that’s not enough to celebrate. It would be the worst sign to the outside world made us come together to show love And reacted in a different way ′ Liverpool is a very special club. And if anyone didn’t know this before, Championship Day is proof of this. It was a wonderful day for which I have no words to describe. Just talking about today gave me goosebumps.”

“A new season begins. And it didn’t live up to our expectations. But life is like this. We have to deal with different situations. For 2023, I ask that we try to learn from our mistakes. What we and others do in 2022, we will work together. Help each other to make it the best year of your life.”

“Merry Christmas”