Arsenal 3 – 1 Manchester United: Another dramatic post-game issue

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Arsenal 3 – 1 Manchester United: Another dramatic post-game issue. and a stoppage time victory for the Gunners.

Arsenal had a big battle against Manchester United that ended similarly to last season. The important goal was scored during injury time. and became the home team to win 3-1, reinforcing their victory over the Red Devils once again.

Tense game again

It is a “big match” that must be said in the last several years. The game is almost always tense, no matter where it is played. The game situations are quite similar. This game is another game like that. Playing defensive games requires every detail. and an offensive game that is ready to seize every mistake they make. The matter of meditation is extremely important.

Arsenal made a mistake first due to a personal error in the attacking game and missed the ball. The visiting team conceded a goal after losing concentration when they took the lead for less than a minute. It shows the quality of the game that cannot be missed. And in the end it really was decided by a small mistake.

Both flankers are dangerous.

Gabriel Martinelli is extremely dangerous in this game. After the first three games, he may not have been as dominant as Bukayo Saka, but not today, who acted as a leader in the attack, while Marcus Rashford was extremely dangerous in the flanks for the Red Devils. can go by yourself Create opportunities for friends Or shoot yourself.

Game-changing subs

Today’s substitutions from both teams had an effect. Arsenal sent Fabio Vieira onto the field to replace Kai Havet or Gabriel Jesus to replace Eddie Enke. Thea had a huge impact on Arsenal’s third goal. Meanwhile, Manchester United’s Alejandro Carnacho almost gave the visiting team victory. If not caught offside first.

At the same time, having to lose Lisandro Martinez, an important defensive line during the game, had no less effect on the away team late in the game as well. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท